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Oct 2, 2004:
Running at an invitational race course school, Pikes Peak Intl. Raceway

September-October, 2004
Evolution of major fiberglass repairs to the front bumper,

(damaged in Yellowstone, racing taped by Ferrari Denver and expertly and artistically repaired by Riegel Body Shop, Laramie)

September 10, 2004
Yellowstone meets the Yellow Maranello!
The seven year old 550 turns 13,000 miles on the way to the Ferrari Owners Club (Utah) rally to Jackson Hole and Yellowstone!
It was BIG fun-- even if Yellowstone DID slug the 550 on the jaw during a U turn!
Jaw injuries were a theme of the day :-)
I think the long distance from the nose of the 550 to the centerline of the front wheels-- compared to the nose/wheel distance on a 360, a 456GT and a Porsche Carrera GT-- meant that my car smacked the uneven ground and nobody else's did, fortunately.
Hey, I'm still dating the 550 prom queen. She'll just be at the Riegal Body Shop spa in Laramie for a few days... hiding out from the paparazzi... while she gets plastic surgery done to her nose! Michael Jackson, eat your heart out!

August 1,2004
Honeymoon over! Battery failure!
I still made my date in Ft Collins, thanks to the help from three GMC, Rolls Royce and Porsche owners! What a sight that was! The battery failure may be due to the HEAT in the 550's engine compartment! This is very literally a HOT car!

July 30,2004
The car turns 12,000 miles,
on a trip to Centennial to see a Neal Simon play, "Fools".

July 25, 2004
up at the WyoColo Lodge on the Colorado border... the two fastest cars in Albany county met for dinner.
The Viper's seemingly-endless amount of torque and incredible horsepower would eat the Maranello's lunch for the first mile or two.
After that... :-) I want to say "Caio Bella" but I could be wrong! The Viper was sweet. Stiffer in suspension than the 550, it cornered well. But it didn't seem to have the glued-to-the-road "feel" that the 550 imparts. Overall, the two cars were definately in the same class, aesthetically. The Viper was in Midnight blue, which is THE color for it.

July 20, 2004
Third trip into Laramie and the driver's door is keyed while I'm just getting a sandwich, downtown. I didn't take it personally since nobody in town yet knew it was mine.

July 11, 2004
First Date
(Victoria had to walk down a dirt road to get to the highway)

July 10, 2004
Taking Mom to dinner, occasionally at 100 mph

(after dinner, we went to the top of the Snowy Range, west of Centennial)

July 9,2004
The arrival of the 550 in Laramie


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