Wyo550 is a driver who "gets around":
on the road in Maserati MC-12's, Buggati Veyrons and Ferrari Scuderias.

On track in Porsche sports cars and Formula Renault and

Formula One

Here's a link to some Youtube videos of these adventures

Published articles and videos about the Wyo550 driving experience:


2008: Ferrari Club of America, Rocky Mountain region newsletter: Driving three Ferraris from Monaco to the factory in Maranello.

2009: Ferrari Owners Club national PILOTA magazine story of test and evaluation of tuned exhaust for Ferrari 550.


2010: Porsche Club of America HIGH GEAR (RMR regional magazine) Owning and driving the hottest Porsche, the 2011 911 Turbo S!

The author's novel:

A apocalypse novel with a twist, now under development in L.A.

Music Video, "Rendezvous, Cote d'Azur"

"Grazie!"My music video of three Ferraris, on the road from Monaco to the Ferarri factory at Maranello. More coming soon!

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